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Hello Green Mountain APA!! I know ya'll haven't heard from me in a while so I wanted to give you an update...
The notifications were turned back on for your APA app. Our League area has not resumed League play but so many other areas have, they decided to turn it back on. I just double checked to make sure our League schedule has been pushed out to the end of March. That way you shouldn't get unnecessary notifications saying you have League tonight.
I am still keeping an eye on when we can resume League play. There are many working parts to this for both us as a League and our Host Locations. We are not allowed to resume play without approval from the State. Our League and our HLs must be able to meet and follow the guidelines set by the State. Sometimes that means not being able to start right off even though we have permission. I'm asking that you be patient.
Please keep in contact with your teammates. Make sure they are ok.
Promote the use of the APA app! That is where most communications about League will happen. It will keep you updated about all APA tournaments and events.
APA is moving to digital mailing. Please make sure your email address is correct. This is how they will contact you. This is also how they will get you your higher level tournament information.

Thank you!
Stay healthy!



Please familiarize yourselves with APA's #PLAYSAFE guidelines.
These guidelines, along with any other State mandates, rules or guidelines will be followed at all times during League Play. 


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Spring Session 2020 
We are accepting individual players and teams for the following divisions (5-8 people per team):

Vermont Pool and Bar - South Burlington
Tuesday 8-Ball (7PM) - starts January 14th
Wednesday 8-Ball (7PM) - starts January 15th
Thursday 9-Ball (9ft tables, 7PM) - starts January 16th
Thursday 9-Ball (7ft tables, 7PM) - starts January 16th

Monday  9-Ball (7PM) - starts January 27th
  Two locations - The Backyard and Rimrocks 
Wednesday 8-Ball (7PM) - starts January 29th
  Three Locations - The Backyard, Rimrocks, and The Matterhorn 

Downtown Burlington
Sunday 9-Ball (6PM) - starts January 19th
  Two locations - 3 Needs and VFW Post 782 

- All leagues require 2020 APA Membership ($26.50 if not already a member)
- Vermont Pool and Bar leagues require initial Spring registration fee
  ($20 for 7ft table Leagues, $30 for 9ft table Leagues)
- All matches $10 per player

Please contact me for more info, to register a full or partial team - or to have me place you with a team!
Best wishes,
Terah Williams


8-Ball Ladies Alt, 8-Ball Open, 9-Ball Open, Masters Alt


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