Pie Throwing Fundraiser

Sunday, August 11, 2019

Saturday August 24th @ 1PM – Vermont Pool and Bar


Play one game of 8-Ball vs any of our volunteers for $5.00.

Win: Your name goes in the “hat” of the person you played.

Lose: Pay and try again or you can pay $15.00 to automatically be put in the “hat”. You must play the match 1st.

Five names will be drawn from each “hat”. The players drawn will get to throw one pie (provided) at the person whose “hat” they were drawn from.

You may play unlimited games @ $5.00 each or you may donate @ $15.00 as often as you’d like after playing the 1st game.


Contact Terah Williams @ 802-370-5037 or twilliams@apaleagues.com